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Scar Symmetry

Scar Symmetry - The Iconoclast
Scar Symmetry is a Swedish melodic death metal band from Avesta in Dalarna County, formed in 2004.

The band has released five albums, with six released singles.
They are currently signed to Nuclear Blast records.
01. The Iconoclast.mp3
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Abandon All Ships is an Italian-Canadian metalcore band from Toronto, Ontario.


Formed in 2006, the group is currently signed domestically to Universal Music Canada via Underground Operations, along with an American deal to Rise Records and its imprint Velocity Records.


The band has since released a self-titled EP independently in 2009 and two full-length studio albums, Geeving in 2010 through Universal and Rise, and also Infamous in 2012.


Album "Infamous" (2012):

Good Old Friend
01. Good Old Friend.mp3
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Infamous (feat. A-Game)
02. Infamous (feat. A-Game).mp3
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Less Than Love
03. Less Than Love.mp3
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04. Ahmed.mp3
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American Holocaust (feat. Jonny CC)
05. American Holocaust (feat. Jonny CC).
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06. August.mp3
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Forever Lonely
07. Forever Lonely.mp3
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Made Of Gold
08. Made Of Gold.mp3
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09. Faded.mp3
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Brothers For Life (feat. XbikerackX)
10. Brothers For Life (feat. XbikerackX)
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